You might have come across a situation where you are a tourist in a new city and missed your connecting flight, train, or bus.

Or you are a local and need to go from point A to point B.

Trust your smartphone along with a wide array of travel applications to help you untangle the alternatives and get to your destination quickly.

Here are five favorite Transit apps available on Google Play & App Store, all wonderfully designed and made to make you feel travel like a local.


It would be unfair not to place Transit App on top of our list. NYC to LA, Calgary to Toronto – no matter where you are lost (or find yourself), pull your smartphone out of your pocket and click on Transit.

It will help you with the arrival or departure timings of the next bus or train.

It will also help you with the fastest way to get to your destination with its easy-to-use trip planner element. 


Uber is your private driver, an app that makes your travel entirely new and modern way. Available in more than 50 cities and 20 countries, most of the cabs arrive at your doorstep, even before you lock your Home to leave.

Forget about waiting in taxi lines or making an online reservation because of its on-demand service.

Compare different fare quotes, set up your pick up and drop location and pay with your Google Wallet or PayPal or credit card.


OneBusWay provides real-time transit information for Atlanta, New York, Puget Sound, and Tampa regions. With accurate bus timings and route information, you will never miss a bus again.

With this app, you can find nearby stops, choose your favorite holidays, add a shortcut to phone home screens, and set reminders for your trips.


Lyft is an on-demand ride-sharing app. Do not be surprised if you see a car with a pink mustache over the front grills arriving at your doorstep. It is a Lyft trademark. Let your ride be captained by the friendly, funny folk of your city.

Be assured of a safe passage because the company does all the background check of your driver. Lyft service is currently available in 24 cities.

Google Now

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Google Now. You will be surprised with the app’s intelligence, as it accurately calculates travel times and modes of transport required to get you from point A to point B.

It also remembers your most frequently travel location, for ex-Home to Office, Home to your favorite coffee shop, and shows you just the right information at only the right time.

What are your favorite transit apps?

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