Marketing strategy is the first thing that you need to get right before you build a successful business. 

But this is not all as details matter. As far as execution is concerned, your customers will not excuse you for anything less or inferior. 

In a competitive environment, you need to be prepared well. 

You need to do all it takes to ensure that your sales force’s interaction with potential customers is most fruitful, effective, and leaves a lasting impression on the customer. 

Here, we discuss five handy IT tools that will help you expedite and improve your sale process.

Electronic Signature

We live in an electronic era, and business processes should be such that they expedite the task instead of creating a bottleneck. 

A significant bottleneck that we face today that takes the pace out of business is paper documents and signatures. 

Execution of contracts is delayed as people have to indulge in several undesired processes that delay contracts’ implementation. 

In some cases, the unnecessary delay may also lead to cancellations of deals. 

By adopting an electronic signature, you can look to close deals faster and win more clients for your business.

Digital Order Form

Customers hardly have much time while they are looking to buy a product. They are looking to make quick decisions that are smart and prudent. 

It may be too much to ask your customer to wait for something he needs. In case he needs a quote for a product that he can order, it is best to provide what he wants right on the spot. 

Pre-printed rate sheets are most of the time outdated, and the quotes are not customizable. 

With a digital order form, you have access to the entire product catalog along with prices that are most updated, accurate and relevant. 

Once the rate is agreed upon, you can e-mail a digital order form, which the client can e-sign and return to you.

Cloud Database

With a cloud database, your sales force can remotely access relevant information for servicing clients timely. This helps improve sales force productivity as well as client service levels. 

Copies of dealer contracts can be stored on the cloud, and you can be assured that these are secure and safe. Apart from customer contracts, a customer relationship management database can also be stored on the cloud. 

These can be accessed by the sales team, no matter where they may be located. This enables them to make timely decisions, which helps improve sales productivity.

A cloud database enhances collaboration between employees. They can look forward to work together remotely on the same document and also receive critical updates in real-time

Data Integrity Tool 

It is really embarrassing when two different sales guys from your company try reaching out to the same prospective client. 

This impacts the reputation of the organization and leads to a loss in salesforce productivity. 

This type of problem usually arises when there is duplication in your database for some reason. Such issues can be overcome by using data integrity tools, which will ensure that your customer relationship management database is clean. 

With a data integrity tool, database cleaning tasks can be scheduled regularly. 

Depending on the matching criteria specified, the tool will merge identical records, and thus duplicate entries can be avoided.

Business Intelligence Tool

By deploying business intelligence solutions, one can resolve complex sales challenges and improve the sales team’s efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. 

With a business intelligence tool, a sales representative dealing with a company client can manage his pitch much more effectively. A BI tool will compile all relevant information on a customer and place it in front of the sales representative. 

Useful BI tools will empower a sales representative with various data points that will help him shape his dialogue and meet customer needs better.

Incorporating these five technology tools will help your sales force deal with customers effectively and creatively. 

Consequently, your company can look forward to a higher customer conversion rate, retention, and satisfaction.

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