As smartphones get bigger, better, and faster, they become more and more power-hungry.

One of the biggest concerns of a smartphone user is to maximize battery life during daily usage.

Your phone usage pattern determines the battery life, which varies from person to person.

So, there are no well-defined battery life tips and tricks available, but there is something that you can do to extract maximum juice out of our battery out of a single charge.

Basic Power Management:

Screen brightness, Screen Timeout, Wi-Fi, and Auto-Sync are vital settings that will help you reduce your battery consumption when kept under control.

Keep a tab on your battery usage stats. It will give you information as to which app or service is guzzling your battery power.

Sync Settings

There is an impact on overall battery performance by unused services that sync continuously.

Sync only essential services for ex-mail, from Account & Sync in the Settings Menu.

You can customize sync settings for each app. Forex, if you want Facebook Calendar to sync with your phone calendar, you can turn it off.

This will help you preserve battery life.

Managing Wireless Connections:

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS are the top battery-draining features. If you are not using the features, turning it off will help you maximize your battery life. If you are in a low network area, your phone requires more power to connect with the network.

Selecting an appropriate network provider or switch off your network will help you converse your battery.

Navigation apps like Maps and Location use location services, which consume more battery power.

Do remember to close such apps after use.

Managing Your Display

Setting your screen timeout to a shorter time, lowering your screen brightness, using the automatic brightness option, dimming your phone brightness while loading a web page are some of the tricks to help you increase battery life. 

Managing Your Apps:

Uninstall or disable unused apps. Remember to check your app’s settings to check if there is any battery optimization option that exists.

For example, turn off vibration mode. In Google Play App, straightforward Auto-Update App and Auto-Add widgets options.

Of course, these are just a few tricks available to help you maximize overall battery performance life.

If you cannot control your mobile battery power consumption, you may have to buy a portable battery charger.

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