For all those staying in the USA, the summer is here, which means the days are getting longer and the temperature higher.

Summer is also when schools & colleges break for vacation and people go on much need break with family and friends.

Let’s celebrate this summer with Android and iOS, which will help us make this summer a memorable one.

500px(“Five Hundred Pixels”)

In this vast wide world, it becomes difficult to decide where to go. 500px, a new photo-discovery and photo-sharing service, provide you with inspiring photos.

Explore the world of incredible and stunning images from your smartphone. A quick search for “travel” will help you decide where you want to head next.


How often do you wish you could speak the local dialect when traveling. Don’t worry, Duolingo, a new language learning app, will help you with it.

This award-winning app is a fun and educational way to learn a new language, plus it’s free. Start from the basics with your first “bonjour” or “hola and move up the fluency level through series of fun challenges.

J’apprends français. Vous?


Take the stress out of your travel by organizing your travel plans in one place. From flights to hotels to meeting notices and more, bring together all your travel plans with this fantastic app.

All you have to do is forward your travel confirmation to Tripit and relax as it organizes your itinerary for your trip.

The pro version will track your flight delays and cancellation and keep a tab on your frequently visited places.

Amazon Kindle

The best thing to do when there’s nothing to do is nothing. How about enjoying an ice-cold drink with a good book.

But with smartphones around, why limit to just one book. Carry an entire library in your pocket with the Amazon Kindle App.

Paper Camera

Fill up your Facebook and Twitter feeds with your summer photos of beaches and sunset.

Convert your images in real-time, like cartoons and paintings, and give your photo a hand-drawn effect.

Since all these filters are removed live, you can watch what you are “drawing.”

Mobile Data Management

While traveling overseas with a limited data plan can burn a hole in your pocket. Make use of the mobile data management feature.

Create a system alert to keep a watch on your data usage and hard cut off when you trip the limit. Also, watch which apps are guzzling up your data and limit their use.

These are a few of our favorite apps. So what are your favorite summer-related apps?

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