Imagine you are working for a company, and you stay alone in your rented flat. You have to shell out every single expense on your own for that apartment, like rent of the flat, electricity charges, cooking expenses, maid expenses, and other relevant expenses incurred in day-to-day life.

At the end of the month, there are many times when you are left with very little money or no money at all after coping up with all such expenses.

The property prices in cities like Los Angeles are very high, and so are the rentals, which always keep increasing for these apartments.

At times with limited resources on hand and managing affairs on your gets quite tricky. In such a scenario, what can come in handy is having a roommate.

In other words, people who can help you share your expenses by staying in the flat with you.

In real estate terminology, it is called a flatmate.

The big question is how to find someone who will be willing to share a flat with you and help you share the expenses you have been incurring alone by yourself until now?

Here comes a handy app by called flatmate, which has many accommodating features in the app that help the end-user rent or buy a property and allow the user in many different ways.

The app’s unique feature allows you to find an apartment to rent or lease out your property.

It helps find a new property or assists in selling a property if you want to put it on the block.

It has features that can be used in accessing properties pan India. The unique thing about it is that sitting at the convenience of your home. You can scout the photographs of the property which you want to buy or take on lease.

What’s more – one can even get full information regarding the locality and surroundings of the property like markets, schools, places of worship in the app, etc.

This makes the life of an office goer who doesn’t have the time or resources to scout for new housemates or tenants, especially in a city like New York.

This comes as a convenient tool to find flatmates or, in fact, in any other part of India. You can find accommodation as a Paying Guest or find new roommates too. This app gives all information regarding the potential rentals or property buyers.

Its unique feature lets you chat with the buyers or sellers directly without going through brokerage hhouses’nitty-gritty.

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