Able2Extract Mobile is a full-blown and yet lightweight PDF converter app for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

It features the following capabilities and conversion options:

  • Convert PDF to editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Text formats. 
  • Create PDF from MS Office Documents.
  • Resource-efficient: requires only the minimum amount of the device’s RAM resources and processors thanks to the fact that the files are sent to’s servers for conversion.
  • Completely safe and secure with guaranteed privacy protection: converted files are stored up to 24 hours on Investintech servers when they are permanently and irretrievably deleted from the servers for maximum document privacy and security.
  •  It’s free!

Without further ado, here is how you can install, convert and manage your PDFs and other documents using Able2Extract Mobile.

In this quick how-to tutorial, we will show you how to convert to and from PDF on an Android-powered smartphone. 

  1. Install the device on your mobile device. You can do it directly via this link, which takes you to its page on Google Play or from the developer’s website, where you can also download the detailed PDF manual (which you can also use for testing the app).
  2. Find the document you wish to convert – either long-press your document in the email attachment or find it in your device’s folder where you keep your files.
  3. Open the file in Able2Extract.
Open the file in Able2Extract

     4. You’ll see 2 icons, for conversion and for sharing the file. Tap the conversion icon.
Convert with Able2Extract

     5. Choose your output file (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Text).

Able2Extract PDF Converter - Android Apps on Google Play
Choose your output file

     6. You’ll see the following “Converting” notification.
“Converting” notification

           7. After a short period your converted file will appear in the file list.

As mentioned above, for more detailed instructions and info, as well as the guide to converting PDFs with Able2Extract mobile on iPad or iPhone, can check out the developer’s web page here.

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