Whether you need to send a critical research spreadsheet to your client, a resume to your potential future employer, or a book manuscript to your publisher, the best thing to do is print it to PDF first. 

This will ensure that your document’s recipient will see the fruits of your labor precisely as you intended, without any unfortunate document formatting losses. 

 Create PDFs with Sonic PDF Creator Mobile

We all have experience creating PDF files on our laptops and desktops. Still, the appearance of mobile apps that allow us to do that while we’re stuck in traffic or sitting nervously in a doctor’s waiting room presents excellent opportunities for busy people whose day somehow always ends up short. 

Sonic PDF Creator Mobile is just the app for them. 

It is a quick, resource-light, and completely free app that allows users to create PDFs from MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Text files. 

It works both on Android and iOS devices so that it can be installed from Google Play and iTunes stores, or it can be downloaded from the developer’s webpage that also offers other free mobile PDF solutions and step-by-step PDF guides to using the apps. 

For example, this is how an Android user would create a PDF with Sonic PDF Creator Mobile:

  • Identify the file for conversion, either attached to an email, on your Android device, or your SD card. 
  • Press on the file and then complete the action using “PDF Creator.” 
  •  Wait for the conversion process to complete.
  •  Find your newly created PDF in the PDFCreator list, open it, and share it via available sharing services by tapping on this icon: 

Note that you should have some PDF viewer installed on your device to open the PDF. 

The industry standard for viewing PDF files – Adobe Reader – is also available for free as an Android and iOS. 

You’ll also need an Internet connection when converting MS Office documents to PDFs on your Android device because the conversion itself takes place on the mobile app developer’s servers, thus saving your device’s resources and making the conversion as quickly as possible.

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