A cyberattack can severely damage your business. The worst of it is not the data compromised or profits lost, but the loss of trust you have worked so hard to build. 

Yes, cyberattacks can be devastating, but it’s not impossible to recover from such an attack. 

It will take a lot of effort and time, but it’s possible. Here are several tips that will help you salvage your business from a catastrophic cyberattack.

Take Responsibility

First of all, you need to take responsibility for the attack. 

It’s most likely your company’s lax security and negligent practices that led to the attack in the first place. 

Instead of blaming hackers or criminal groups in public, take responsibility for what happened and then take immediate steps to rectify the situation, such as getting corporate password management software (read ahead for these steps).

Take Steps to Increase Security

Now that you have been cyberattacked, you know how bad it can get.

Therefore, it’s time to make a comeback with even more robust security. Here are several ways that you can strengthen your cybersecurity fortress:

Use strong passwords

Get password management software to generate strong and un-guessable passwords for your system automatically. 

Eliminate any practices of reusing old passwords or using one password for a prolonged period. 

Learn to change passwords and use uncommon phrases in them routinely. 

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication, where two devices are used to gain access to secure your company’s most important files and computers. 

Control access

Don’t allow universal access to your network and servers with a single password—control using who can view which information.

Doing so will prevent a hacker from compromising one account and gaining access to everything. 

Secure network

Secure your Wi-Fi network by hiding it, putting up a firewall, and strengthening the password.

Develop a cybersecurity policy

You must develop a firm cybersecurity policy that all employees should adhere to.

Disclose Details to Customers

You owe your customers a full disclosure as to what happened. 

You will have to internally investigate the cyber-attack and also collaborate with law enforcement authorities. 

As details emerge, you have to disclose them to the people who were affected. 

You should disclose what kind of information was compromised, the scope, what’s known, and what is not yet known. 

You owe your customers the truth, and they will not abandon you if you are committed to fixing the situation. 

Consider Getting Cyber insurance.

In case another hack happens at your company, you can reduce the trouble you have to face by having everything covered by an acceptable cyber insurance policy. 

Work with Affected Customers to Alleviate the Situation

Do not forget to extend utmost support to affected customers. 

Help them with their queries and advise them what to do with the compromised accounts. 

Apologize and Assure

You must issue a formal apology right away and assure your customers that the situation will soon be under control. 

If it’s not, inform your customers to protect data in their way. 

Finally, move on. 

You can do this by first informing old, new, former, and returning customers of the latest security practices that will protect their data and prevent another attack like the one you just experienced. 

You will not be attracting that many new customers as long as the hacking drama continues. 

So, get ready to move past the incident, but you must have the system secured to the best of your ability.

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