Yesterday I received +HTC One Translucent Hard Shell HC-C843, which I had ordered from mobilefun. The box includes:

  • A hardshell cover.
  • A Screen Protector.
  • A cleaning cloth.
  • A Screen Protector Applicator.
HTC One Translucent Hard Shell HC C843
HTC One Translucent Hard Shell HC C843

The HC-C843 is transparent, flexible and at the same time made out of good quality hard plastic. Also, the screen protector is just the perfect size for HTC One.

To use it, you have to slip the phone inside. Since it is transparent, you can see the excellent aluminum look, and it doesn’t spoil the beautiful design of the HTC One.

The HTC logo on the cover matches perfectly with the HTC logo of the HTC One. Another thing to notice it hardly has any weight and feels lovely in the hands.

The body is molded and cut such that HTC One fits perfectly into it. Care has been taken to develop the cover exactly to match the curves of the HTC One.

At the bottom, there is a cut for micro-USB 2.0 (5-pin) ports, on the right for volume rocker button, on the top for 3.5 mm stereo audio jack and power button, and at the back for the camera and flashlight. Also, there are holes in the microphone.

The cover offers excellent protection for the aluminum back against scratches. Plus, it’s easy to get it on and off the phone to clean it up whenever you like. 

HTC One Translucent Hard Shell HC C843

 Above all, you get a screen protector, which you can apply to protect the 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass display.

This protects your HTC One against dust, scratches, smudges from fingerprints and aids against screen glare while using HTC One in sunlight.

Also, it protects your HTC One screen if kept facing down.

HTC One Translucent Hard Shell HC C843

The HC C843 enhances the beauty of the HTC One without hiding any of its aesthetics.

The only concern is that it’s inadequately protected from the top, so in case HTC One slips and lands on top, it might be damaged.

So, in all, it’s a good buy if you need decent protection without spoiling the beauty and looks of the HTC One.

So go ahead and show the elegant looks of the HTC One with HC-C843

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