iPhone can be a lot of fun, especially when you can take more precise, beautiful, and impressive pictures by just using iPhone’s powerful built-in camera. However, the thing is, we usually want the images we took slip the leash of the phone and move to our iPad, Mac, and even other computers.

This makes trouble for many people since iTunes’ rising complex operation, and other similar programs do nothing but complicate the transferring.

Many people cannot tell the difference between sync and restore, and sometimes they risk losing all of their data. Don’t mention to make a nice inter-iOS photo transferring.

The program Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro is one tool which worth strong recommendation, especially when it comes to iOS picture transferring.

To show the difference between iPhone Care Pro and other picture sharing tools, we choose one of the software called Phone to PC as the reference substance to make the comparison visible.

First, it is not hard to see that both of the two software pieces have a free version, and both of them support photos transferring from phone to PC.

Second, we can find that actually, iPhone Care Pro maintains more functions that Phone to PC do not have:

  • iPhone Care Pro supports pictures transferring from phone to PC and reverse, from PC to iPhone. No iTunes restriction.
  • iPhone Care Pro supports all the inter-iOS pictures transferring, including new iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPod, Mac Pro, Mac Air, and other previous versions.
  • Another impressive feature is that iPhone Care Pro can help you backup and restore all of your pictures. This is quite important for iPhone users since the frequent technical problems may result in losing our photographs.
  • iPhone Care Pro supports both Windows and Mac systems, while Phone to PC only supports Windows systems. 

In the following, we make a list of iPhone Care Pro and Phone’s functions to PC maintain and compare their difference. Phone to PC is a free program with a minimal role.

However, iPhone Care Pro has both a free version and a paid version to enable you to enjoy all the parts it provides.

Nevertheless, iPhone Care Pro has not limited to photo transferring software; it can also help you manage iOS 9 devices without iTunes on PC free and free up your iPhone’s storage.

 Backup and restore the lost data with just one click, block in-app ads, fix iOS stuck and instantly repair the operating system.

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