Everyone’s done it. You’ve probably done it too. You must have shared the results on Facebook or Twitter, and it might have caused you a bit of embarrassment as well. Of course, we are talking about selfies here.

What thought crosses your mind when you hear the word “selfie”? Is it a teenager clicking with a duck face or mirror-at-the-gym shot or a much more embarrassing click in the washroom? 

Most people cringe when they hear the word “selfie.” Why & when did selfies get a bad rep.

Selfies, on their own, are seen as a vain and proud way to advertise oneself. But that’s what the point is.

Everyone is connected with family and friends almost entirely on social media. First to take the stage was MySpace, then came the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Each of us has a profile page on at least one of these social apps. If we are okay with profile pages, then why are we against those post photos of themselves?

Selfies can be thought of as photos clicked at a specific moment. It has a more personal touch to it than having someone else taking a candid shot. 

On seeing a selfie, you can quickly determine the photographer and the moment at which the photo was clicked.

Now, coming to the reason for selfies having a bad reputation. One reason could be that it’s a relatively new thing in photography; with selfies, it’s easy to take a photo of ourselves and share it instantaneously on social networking sites. The front-facing camera of a high-end smartphone like HTC One makes it all the easier to snap and share a selfie.

If you are comfortable with your selfie, then, by all means, DO IT! 

Post as many selfies as you want, and those who are uncomfortable with it, let them unfollow you or your post.

There are some unspoken rules to be followed while taking a selfie:

1. Be confident and OWN IT. People will notice

2. Share only if it is worth sharing. Ask yourself whether you really want to share?

3. Have fun with yourself, that is you.

With selfies becoming a social norm, social apps will catch onto them. So ride the wave until it crashes down.

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