Bitcoins are the largest and most well known digital currency used on the web.

This digital currency allows you to quickly and securely send money online for products.

Each day more and more companies are deciding to accept bitcoins as a form of payment. They are considered a legitimate source of funds for many big-name companies.

However, these virtual coins are not backed or controlled by any central authority such as the Federal Reserve.

Therefore, some companies are hesitant to accept valid bitcoin money for products. Others, however, are rapidly adopting the new digital currency.

Here are 16 prominent online companies that accept Bitcoin in 2016. – Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces where buyers can buy anything from toilet paper to couches for your home. Amazon features their Prime program, allowing users to receive several items with two-day shipping, unlimited video streaming, and other perks. – WordPress is an online company that allows users to set up and maintain free blogs. WordPress has a plethora of plugins that are available for users to put into their blog layouts. Most importantly, the plugin WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of the plugins that WordPress allows. This plugin will enable users to sell anything with ease. Bitcoins are accepted through the WooCommerce plugin. – Overstock is widely known for selling popular items for a fraction of the cost in a story. They can sell these items due to stores overstocking certain items.

Apple’s App Store – Apple is one of the most popular smartphones and device producers known. Bitcoins are an acceptable form of payment to purchase Apps through the App Store for your devices. – Target is just like your average American grocery store or “go-to” store for household items. When shopping through their online website, you can use bitcoins as a form of payment. Through Target’s online website, you can purchase a wide variety of items like clothing, hygiene, and décor online and pick them up at your local Target store.

CVS – CVS is a well-known pharmacy store with over 9,600 retail stores in 49 states. This store does not just cater to the pharmaceutical world; they also sell everyday items you would need in your household for personal hygiene, cleaning, and much more. Aside from its physical store locations, you can shop online through and pay with bitcoins.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM – Online retailer selling floral and gift basket arrangements. This online retailer partners with a local florist to make same day and weekly deliveries to your loved ones. You can select the format you want and have it delivered with a message just as you would from a local florist! Be sure to look online for discounts and promotions. They commonly blast promotions through email.

Subway – Subway is an American fast-food restaurant known for its “submarine” style sandwiches, which are also known as subs! Over time they have introduced salads, wraps, and breakfast items as well. Subway is considered to be one of the fastest-growing franchise businesses in the world. Not every Subway location accepts bitcoins, but the ones that often offer a percentage discount off of your total.

Victoria’s Secret – Victoria’s Secret is a widely known lingerie retailer specializing in lingerie, swimsuits, clothing, makeup, and even personal perfumes and lotions. You can’t use actual bitcoins online at this store, but they accept payments through the Gyft app. – Namecheap is one of the leading online domain registration sites available. Namecheap features inexpensive domain names for as little as .18! Bitcoins are an acceptable form of payment. – Zappos is a family shoe store that sells shoes for everyone in the family, no matter what the occasion! Zappos ships worldwide for ease and convenience of shopping from home. Zappos is one of the biggest online shoe retailers that accept bitcoins. – Modafinilcat is an online store specializing in selling Modafinil to many countries worldwide. According to the website, customers buy from them when prescribed Modafinil by their doctors for conditions such as Narcolepsy, ADHD, ADD, and sleep disorders. This medication can be used to keep one focused and awake, have increased productivity and cheerfulness. Modafinilcat sells four varieties of this medication and can be purchased with bitcoins directly.

Bitcoin. Travel – This travel website provides rental apartments, accommodations, attractions, beauty salons, and bars worldwide. Their goal is to remain reliable and credible when it comes to dealing with bitcoins. They consider themselves the most establish bitcoin directory.

Joli – is a small company out of Amsterdam that features handmade Italian leather sleeves for your iPhones, iPods, Macbooks, Macbook Pros, wallets, and passports.

Dell – is one of the largest multinational computer technology companies that accept bitcoins through its partnership with Coinbase. Whether you need a desktop computer, a laptop, or some other electronic device, Dell has a product for you.

Whole Foods – Whole Foods stores are known as “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” because they seek out the finest natural and organic foods available and sell them. You can now purchase gift cards online using Gyft and Bitcoin.

While there are still several big-name companies that have not jumped on the bitcoin train, there are still several that do accept it as some form of payment. Keep in mind that not all stores accept bitcoins directly. Some take it through third-party networks such as the Gyft app.

Through Gyft, you can purchase gift cards online for retailers using bitcoins. Regardless, the word is spreading quickly, and several smaller-scale stores online accept this form of payment.

One way some online retailers are accepting payments is through the use of QR codes. Using QR codes for bitcoin payments is easy. Using a Smartphone and the Bitcoin wallet app, a consumer scans a label and presses a button to confirm they want to spend bitcoins.

Even though stores are stepping up and accepting this virtual currency, some companies still have some concerns because there is no government backing the money.

As a result, the value of a single bitcoin change and fluctuates quickly.

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